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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the average kitchen renovation take?

In short, it is best to take up 6-10 weeks to plan and the actual renovation itself will take a few days to a few weeks. It will only take a few days to take out your old kitchen and put in the new cabinets. A kitchen with laminate benchtops will be ready for use within a few days of installation. Stone and resin benchtops take up to an additional two weeks and glass or stone splashbacks will take an additional two weeks to be installed once the benchtop has been installed.

How long after I accept a quote will work commence?

Usually seven to eight weeks. There are times when we can be ready earlier and it never hurts to ask if you really want to accelerate the process. However, we generally find that eight weeks is a great length of time for you to take the time to be confident of your colour, material, appliance and other selections.

Do you manufacture your own cabinets?

Absolutely. We cut, build and craft your cabinets in our Lonsdale factory. We have a large and qualified team including cabinetmakers, joiners, painters, installers, project managers, production manager, foreman plus the design and project support members.

What is the best finish? Laminates or two pack polyurethane (paint)?

Two pack painted cabinetry is the most durable finish for cabinet surfaces. Whether a clear lacquer on a natural timber finish or a colour paint it is simply the best. It is very hard wearing when manufactured correctly. Proper application of under coats and top coats ensures a lasting kitchen or bathroom. The manufacturing is labour intensive, with the final quality dependent on the skills of the craftsman. With paint, colour selection is only limited by your imagination.
Low pressure Melamine offers a tough, scratch resistant surface. They come in a variety of finishes and stunning colours and textures. The important factor is the correct manufacturing.

Does two pack paint chip?

Not if it's done properly. We have our own in house paint workshop and team so we can have absolute control over the quality of the process, products and finish. Cars are finished in a two pack polyurethane paint, the same product we use on your kitchen. Whether it's a Daihatsu, BMW or a Ferrari, they all use two pack polyurethane and, despite the abuse your car endures, the finish lasts well. Your kitchen will never be exposed to the same abuse as your car, so you can be sure that the paint will last you a lifetime.

Do you provide a warranty?

We provide a 10 year workmanship guarantee. Materials guarantees depend upon the product, however most products come with a 7 year to 10 year warranty.

Can I purchase or supply my own appliances? Do you sell appliances?

Yes of course, we are more than happy to design and custom build a kitchen to suit any appliance specification. However, we also offer a selection of first class appliances to suit any budget. This includes appliances for cooking, dishwashers, sinks and taps.

Do I need to know what I want before I start?

No. All you need is some measurements of your home. Our designers can work with you, no matter what stage you're at in creating your new kitchen. We will work closely with you until you are absolutely happy with your design, finishes and appliances. We will provide you with a written quote, and once you are happy we can start transforming your kitchen.

What happens after I accept the quote?

We will schedule your project to be executed within an agreed timeframe. It is important to place your deposit to accept the quotation so that your project is placed into the schedule and associated trades notified. This ensures no delays. From here, we will provide you with a list of things that you need to research for your home. Two to four weeks later we will have a selections appointment, this is the time when you kitchen will be personalised. From products and appliances, to colour selections and discussing and confirming the most minute details. After your selections appointment, if your home is ready to be measured, we will come out to your home for the final check measure. Once the final checkmeasure is complete, we order all the materials, follow up and schedule any required trades and get to work.

Do you organise all trades or can I organise my own trades?

We can recommend and coordinate all of the tradespeople for you, or you can advise us who you will be working with and we will coordinate them for you. By using our tradespeople, you are most likely to get the best turnaround times because these people work with us every day of the week and so are available when we need them to be.